Horoscope for Micro Focus Technology for 2021

Technology is rapidly and radically changing nearly every sector of India’s economy as digital capabilities improve and connectivity becomes more prevalent.

As a result, enterprises are choosing tools that bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies to innovate faster, with less risk, in the race to digital transformation.

A major issue facing business leaders, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and C-level executives is ‘What enterprise IT will look like in 2020.

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In order to get answers to this question and demystify the constellations of the technology universe, UK-based Micro Focus, together with IDC, is holding Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020 in Bengaluru on December 18 and 20. Attend the day-long event by registering here.

In his presentation, Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020, entitled “Unraveling Constellations of Tech-Universe”, he will explore new trends, futuristic insights, and ground-breaking analytics that will shape the IT industry in the coming years.

This mega event brings together industry experts for C-level executives to evaluate predictions identified by analysts on key trends necessary for their businesses’ success. Here are some of the reasons why you should attend:

1. To be prepared for the future

During the meet, future strategies and action plans will be predicted, utilizing current infrastructure and future roadmaps as a basis for demos.

2. To become empowered

This initiative will equip modern technology enterprises with key capabilities to harness the power of digital constellations of Hybrid IT, Enterprise DevOps, Security, Risk, and Governance, and Predictive Analytics to ensure business success.

3. For networking and learning

As well as experts, peers and exhibitors, the conference will provide opportunities for interaction. It will aid in acquiring new skills, mindset, culture, and vision, which can be acquired, adapted, or influenced by peers, industry experts, and subject matter experts.

4. For an exclusive look at IDC’s Futurescape Predictions for 2020

Digitization of the economy is expected to scale up and accelerate dramatically over the next five years. With hyper connected operating models, there will be a ten-fold increase in digital innovation and operation speed. Get such insights and more at the event.

Women are in charge

Avneesh Saxena, Group VP, Research – IDC, Saruabh Saxena, Country Director, Micro Focus India, and Genefa Murphy, CMO, Micro Focus will deliver keynotes at the day-long conference in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Technology Horoscope 2020 will also feature breakout sessions geared at equipping businesses with the skills they need to leverage the power of Predictive Analytics, Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT, and Security, Risk, and Governance.

The event’s main draw, though, is a session devoted to women in technology. According to a recent Intel research, women currently make up 30% of the total workforce in India’s IT sector.

While 57 percent of Indian women study STEM in college, compared to only 4% in the United States, the numbers don’t tell the whole storey. Once these STEM-educated women join the workforce, attrition is significant, and possibilities for advancement are restricted.

Despite the challenging environment for Indian women technologists, there are strong, determined trailblazers who have established a route to success despite the hurdles.

The Women in Technology session is a tribute to these trailblazers, as well as an attempt to showcase the success stories of Indian women who are leading the pack with fervour and hard work.There will also be a talk about how women bring knowledge to teams and work that makes them more productive and innovative.

Participants will also have the opportunity to sit in on a fireside talk with Genefa Murphy, Micro Focus’ Chief Marketing Officer, and hear about her fascinating journey to become the CMO of a significant IT company.

Following the conversation, there will be a discussion about the paucity of women in STEM and the white spaces for women to fill at the entry level of coders, developers, and other positions.

‘Making the Unconscious, Conscious,’ an interactive workshop, will include notable women in the technology sphere who have risen to the top or played significant roles in their careers.The women will talk about how they broke the glass ceiling in the tech business and how they did it.