Texas Tech drops classes subsequent

Texas Tech cancels classes after spring break

Lawrence Schovanec shipped off a letter to Tech’s social class on Thursday morning.

School officials canceled classes from March 23 to 27 due to Schovanec’s letter. Until further notice, classes will be conducted online after March 30.

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Schovanec noted that the Texas Tech University people group, including those considering and working outside the United States, is not aware of any confirmed or suspected Coronavirus cases as of now.

The full text of Lawrence Schovanec’s letter to Texas Tech University can be found below

Welcome to the Texas Tech University community,

Here is a proactive assessment of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk to our grounds network I am providing today. Keeping the wellbeing and security of all members of the Texas Tech University community at the top of our priority list.

Coronavirus cases were not confirmed or suspected at Texas Tech University, including those who are contemplating or working outside of the United States. We are taking steps to secure our community as local, national, and international health guidelines work to stop the spreading of the disease.

For these reasons, the University will utilize the following enhancements for post-spring break classes, college events, grounds activities, and other college resources:


Spring Break is April 23-27, so all classes are cancelled for these seven days.

Classes will begin using online guidance on March 30 and continue until further notice.We will provide you with more information in the coming days, but for now, you may want to look at the following link, which contains information on how to progress to online courses and how to enable the workforce, staff, and students to continue learning, teaching, and working remotely while utilising TTU and TTUS’ existing innovation arrangements and programming licences.

We continually monitor the progress of our universal examination abroad projects. It would be ideal if you could check the Texas Tech University Coronavirus (COVID-19) site for updates or contact the Office of International Affairs in regards to explicit examination abroad data.

We are constantly monitoring the progress of our global examination abroad projects. To get more explicit information about investigation abroad, you should check the Texas Tech University Coronavirus site or contact the Office of International Affairs if you need more information.


We will share with you later today the approaches to restricted participation in Texas Tech University Athletics and other college events. As the initiative of the Big 12 opens, additional data will be shared by Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt.

Operations on the ground

Structures on campus will remain open, and most ground tasks, including living quarters for undergrads, dining services, and support activities, will continue as soon as possible.

While faculty and staff will continue to work as normally as possible, they should counsel their Chairs and managers to consider basic faculty and remote work arrangements if we need to take more aggressive measures.

It is possible that students remain in the area during Spring Break. Lobbies will function as usual. Dining offices will operate at their assigned locations. Administration data is posted on the site.

Additional Resources

You may wish to regularly check the Texas Tech University coronavirus (COVID-19) website for the latest updates to the university’s people group, including answers to commonly asked questions and office contact information for increasingly specific inquiries.

We understand that executing these changes with such limited notice will negatively affect our locale and cause difficulties for all of us.

Through this difficult time, we are thankful to all local residents for their tolerance and collaboration. Please watch your email and the college website for any updates regarding this development.